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[QUOTE=rycomm;20355085]I finally got around to doing my little watt load test on my jacket and 'troller. First I have the transportable 1 zone heatroller and the FG 90W jacket. I removed the ring terminals and soldered on a set of "stackable" banana jacks. I can put them in line and run my GPS and jacket. That probably voided some warranty, but works for me and my multi bike portability. I hooked it up to a watt meter and a 30A power supply @ 13.8v.
I first turned on the controller and the meter read 91W and 6.8A. After a couple of minutes it dropped to 88W and 6.5A. After it was warmed up, I turned the knob down to half. Then it could be seen cycling on and off in about 1 second intervals. I didn't know if it would draw half the current all the time, or full current in short cycles, which is what it does.

I then took it out to the 'Strom, and tried it out. It plugged in and worked as expected. Unfortunately, it was late, and I had no place to go, so I still haven't had a chance to try it on an actual ride. Maybe tomorrow, if things go right.

Ryan[/QUO TE]

You really have to do that test while riding, I notice a big increase in wattage (voltmeter drops) when the wind is blowing hard and when I get on the highway.

But the modern PWM controllers do a good job of keeping the current draw to a minimum. My 200 watt Stator does OK in supplying enough juice for my jacket and gloves.

Ron W.
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