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Its my toy and I'll do what I like with it .......

short of putting food dye on the fuel, it is really quite hard to see what the fuel level is especially below 1/2 to 2/3rds
with the big tank when the fuel light comes on you still have at least about 100k's (which is the same as the average enduro bike from full)

Iam at least 20kg overweight (serious now) and that is about the same as 20 litres of fuel on top of 30 litres of fuel in the tank.............the thing just won't pull up with that kind of weight, let alone have any sort of fun with the bike.

Iam not used to having a working speedo on a bike let alone having to think about fuel range.......
On Jizza's ride I reset the trip meter by accident and on this last ride I couldn't seem to set it whilst riding so didn't bother.

If I was with a fussy crowd on either ride I would have paid more attention, its all part of the day out.
I had a spare litre of fuel in my backpack until we got to Goolwa then after talking with one of the blokes I decided it was a bit silly to be carrying the extra fuel on my back...................

ahh its all good
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