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Originally Posted by StuartV View Post
I bought an Atlas TC211 a few years ago from Greg Smith Equipment. Now it's the TC221.


It is awesome. No regrets whatsoever. I charge my friends $10 a wheel to mount and balance tires for them. The machine has over half paid for itself, just from that. Not even counting how much I've saved on my own tire changes.

I've changed sportbike tires, 21" dirtbike tires. I even changed the tires on my 20" truck wheels.

I looked at No-mar before I got this one and decided it was worth the extra money. Now, 5 years or so later, I still feel the same way.
The auto changers are nice. had a similar Chinese one for about 7 years. Just have to be careful with the mount demount head, those little plastic pieces can tear off, which will tear up a wheel in a heart beat DAMHIK. Had to replace a few parts here and there over years but for the most part it held up pretty good. Biggest gripe is that it just takes up so much room and now that I don't have a shop, a manual one was my only real option because of space restraints.
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