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Originally Posted by Salzig View Post
As it does in italian and in french.
Didn't know that, Salzig... thanks!

So, for those whom their wives keep saying "Again lurking and wasting your time at AdvRider instead of fixing this or that at home?!?!?"... be aware that you now can answer "My love, AdvRider is a huge knowledge fountain that exceeds bikes topics, to expand my mind about other cultures and languages, and makes me easier to understand the most important, finest and deepest mysteries of life, and therefore, I can be fully committed to our family."

Ok, back to our time wasting ... According to your signature and to the color your bike as it shows your avatar, I understand you converted your 990 in S, keeping the stock ABS. but if it was the inverse case, an S model to which you added the ABS, I would be interested in more details about it, thanks!

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