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Originally Posted by GREY.HOUND View Post
I may be mistaken, but isn't the SC250 the same engine as the GTS250? Either way, I just went out on a 35 mile jaunt, mostly rural roads and a quick 1 mile stretch on the Freeway (highway became official freeeway and I exited on the first exit to continue my travels). While the wind noise with the puig windscreen is bad, I rode with earplugs and could really, really see how nice the windscreen works. While I didnt' go faster than 65mph, I also spent most of the trip doing 40-55mph and it was like butter even at 65. My second fill up today and I got 65 and 68 mpg respectively. And, I still have just under 500 total miles on it.

My choice would be the BV350 if I had to do it all over again. Just because.

Yes, the Sports City 250 is the same engine as the GTS 250. It will go a bit faster though because of the larger wheels and you do need earplugs and preferably a windshield on it if you are going freeway speeds. When we rode out to California my husband did not have a windshield on the SC. We did have Scala headsets and I had to wear earplugs in my helmet because of the wind noise coming through his mic with a full face helmet on the SC. If you have a windshield that will deal with the wind noise it is a fairly comfortable freeway bike even if we prefer secondary roads as more fun.

As for the OP, you can't really go wrong with any of them. I'm partial to the Italian scoots but Syms are good scooters as well. Vespa GTS 250 and Scarabeo 500 are my favorites but if I were looking for a new freeway capable scoot the BV 350 with its maintenance intervals would be high on my list.
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