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Originally Posted by BanjoBoy View Post
Can't comment on looks (See'in that's subjective.) but the FJR is more powerfull, lower maintenance, more reliable, costs a lot less, and I think handles better. (I hated the lack of feed back from that telelever front end mahself.)

The RT has a longer warranty (Which yer prolly gonna use.) is lighter, has a larger fuel tank, and usually get's better mileage.
Most of the time ya don't need the extra power the FJR has, but when mah wife/sister 'n I are touring through the high Sierras, I appreciate the extra power when pass'in a string of motor homes @ 8,000 feet.
RT much faster in the twisties. Better low speed maneuverability. Better heat management. 6th gear. An original, not a copy.

I'll take either, please.

FJR is a better Interstate bike. RT better on winding roads.
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