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Originally Posted by UberKul View Post
Agree with GH, you really want a second battery for any camera. Either will have more features and capability than most people will ever use. Read the manual, dive into the settings, adjust things in the field and make great pictures.
I use these people for extra batteries on my OM-D and GoPros. Sometimes the batteries might not have a proprietary chip in them and won't display battery level in the camera, but otherwise are indistinguishable from OEM.

Originally Posted by Dark Helmet View Post
Glad to hear you like the OM-D/EM-5. I have settled on that as the camera I want for motrcycle travel and outdoor activities. Gets great reviews though a little pricey. I am saving my nickels now and hope to have one in another month.

Anything surprises on the EM-5? I have read some comments about focus issues in middle distances (12-25 feet).
None for me. I have the Pan-Leica 25 on it pretty much full time. Loads of features and its a but overwhelming to sort through all the stuff to get it set up for your preferences. It's also a quantum leap from any other camera and it's hard to get my head around some of the uber high iso values.
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