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Almost to Mexico (A southern AZ ride)

Big-E, MonteK and I found ourselves in possesion of kitchen passes for the rest of the week after Christmas so we decided to head into what is affectionately known as Baja Arizona. It gets warmer as you go south....right?

The start of the trip was classic Three Stooges. Monte's battery died in my driveway.

Big-E connects one end of the jumper cables while Monte manages the other end.

The trusty Tiger starts right up. Right. Put the cables away, lock the truck and off we go except for when Monte kills it. So it's find the keys, hook up the cables, expose the Tiger battery, jump it then put everything away and we're ready to ride!

My SE is good and warm and I'm leading so it's off we go with great enthusiam.....on brand new tires so I promptly fling my bike down the street on its left side with me under it. Good gear means only my pride is damaged. Many thanks to the gents at Sidi for making sturdy boots.

Of course Monte turns his bike off to help me sort things out.

Like it says on the bottle, rinse and repeat.

Eventually we get some breakfast and a new battery.

While Monte installs his new juice box, he makes a new friend who spends about 10 minutes explaining how much Ducatis suck. We're on two KTMs and a Triumph so I'm not sure what set him off.

Finally we clear town and head southbound on Barkerville Road on a beautiful cold day. There is snow on the peaks from a recent storm.

We follow Barkerville south to the Willow Springs link then south to Oracle. The road is empty and travels through some beautiful desert. My pictures do not do it justice.

We end our day at the Triangle T ranch in Dragoon and set up camp. This place is a dude ranch with some RV sites and dry camping wherever you want on the property.

Round one of the Mongo verses His Tent deathmatch. Mongo lost round one but ended up winning the match.

This is my only chance to assemble a disreputable past
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