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Southbound (cont.)

It's colder than we expected and when we get up it's 29F. Freakin' cold for us desert rats. Everything has a heavy layer of frost.

The boys are ready to ride. Monte promises that it will get warmer was we get closer to the Mexican border. We will later learn that Monte is full of shit.

Today we start out more gracefully than yesterday.

We have a fantastic breakfast at this place. Then head south to Bisbee and it just keeps getting colder. I did not take any pictures between Benson and Bisbee.

Bisbee is about 20 miles from the Mexican border and once was a thriving mining town of about 20,000 people. Now it's more about tourism and art.

The open pit copper mine is huge.

Some of the best turquoise in the world came out of Bisbee. There is a patch of blue on the side of the pit. Turquoise or copper oxide? Don't know.

I don't think that I want to swim in the pool at the bottom.

There was a monument to Sgt. Benko at the overlook. A local who was good with a pair of 50's. R.I.P. Sergeant. Thank you for your service.

Bisbee is a fun town to wander around.

Bisbee is built into the hillside so there are a lot of staircases. This one was homebuilt by someone other than a mason. We decided we did not want to be there when the retaining wall let go. I hope the building has a strong roof.

Bisbee has rednecks.

This place was very disappointing. No women, only bikes. The name, however, got us to go in.

I mentioned the active art community, right?

It's cold and getting colder so scrap the camping idea and settle in the Copper Queen Hotel. A classic joint with a great bar. Or at least a great barmaid. Lets just say that when the plane has a water landing she won't need to reach for a flotation device and that she is not shy.

Nothing like big duallies to class up a place.

Big-E and Monte are dressed for dinner.

We have some decent steaks and call it a night. Hot showers and heated rooms feel pretty good. Extra good since it is snowing outside.
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