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Originally Posted by Blakduk View Post
Disregard this. I've spent the past time checking all the threads about this on the internet, and will go for the Gaerne SG12. Mainly because the consensus seems to be that the Gaerne has a slightly wider boot. Also the pictures seem to show that the Gaerne does not have such a big hinge bolt on the inside like the Sidi's.
Also I noted that the Euro/UK sizing, not US seems to fool some people.

I wear Salomon boots size Euro 46&2/3 which is UK 11.5 and US12. So I"m going to get the same size in Gaerne, if they are a little loose, I'll go with hiking (thicker) socks. out of Germany seems to be the cheapest.

Anyone got any input to this before I list my oldies for sale & order some newies?

edit: bugger, SG12s no longer available....????
Blakduk, just a heads-up on width.....SG10s are slightly wider than SG12s (because the 12s have more internal padding).

Hope that helps.


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