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Turning west (cont.)

In the morning everything is covered in a light layer of snow.

We decide to have breakfast and let the sun do its magic.

The sun comes up and things warm enough that we are not worried about ice on the roads so we head for Sierra Vista so Big-E can hit Wallyworld and add some gear to keep him warm.

From Sierra Vista we head for the Coronado Forest and Montezuma pass. This dirt road runs along the border from Siera Vista to Nogales through some of the most beautiful ground in Arizona. Monte says that this was all once grassland like the midwest but cattle brought up from Mexico pooped mesquite seeds. Monte has credibility issues so you might do a little research if this is important to you.

The approach from Sierra Vista.

Looking roughly west. Someplace in this photo is the border.

Monte and his Tiger.

It's a big dirt road through the grassland. Easy going with great views.

At one point, the road is within a few hundred yards of the border. There is another road that runs right along the fence. Maybe next time.

A old border marker.

Looking into Mexico.

Looking into Arizona.

Modern horses.

Monte and Big-E keep a sharp lookout for invaders.

We continue west to Lochiel which appears to be a little ghost town right on the border. There is a little school here and a new sign to describe it.

There is also a rather large monument to Fray Marcos De Niza, Vice-Commissary of the Franciscan Order and Delegate of the Viceroy in Mexico. Also the first European west of the Rockies, April 12, 1539. At least that is what the plaque says.

Here Monte is explaining to Big-E that the Franciscan Monks are from France and the old Fray was on a mission to find a better more robust Pinot grape. Did I mention that Monte has credibility issues?

From here our trip along the border turns north. The next stop would be Nogales which we prefer to avoid. It's also time to feed Eric so it's off to Pategonia and the Velvet Elvis Pizza Parlour.

Pizza makes Mongo happy. Monte is trying to figure out how to get another piece without losing a finger. The pizza is really good.

This is my only chance to assemble a disreputable past
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