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Originally Posted by vwboomer View Post
I too am confused about penn with no damage. it happens with AP rounds more than HE to me. somethi g has to get damaged
Based on some recent reading about tank warfare, AP rounds did occasionally pen and do no appreciable damage. Yes, there was damage to the armor - but nothing was affected beyond adding some unwanted ventilation.

But we have no way of ensuring they did NO damage whatsoever as shooters since, from the guy who got shot's perspective, he may have just had a crew member die, and that ends up bad enough. Without that commander skill for it, we also don't know how many sub-systems were affected by a pen-no-damage shot.

Although I've read suggestions of it, we also have no way to ensure that a no-damage penetration doesn't weaken that area for a susequent shot that may add to crew members killed or damages. For example. it seems to me that I've had shots that weakened, but did not break, my tracks. But sure enough, the next hit by what-ever on that side will track me. So I believe there may be a cumulation of damage count going on with each area of tanks. (I think Iv'e even heard of super-pershing's double-armored fronts being shot up enough that they started letting shots through.)
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