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Heya Kenisis

Boy am I glad talk is off KTM leaving the Dakar. I csnt see thst happening - They would not be able to say ready to race anymore if they did. Inconcievable to me.

Deadly99, you are on the money: This year already two top RSA riders paid bly9ig bucks this year to be part of the KTM factory team with Despres and the boys on Factory rentals. I think this is the way they will go.

Guys: thanks for all your well wishes, I am leaving the hospital tomorrow with 11 pieces of steel in my right leg and knee so will be joining the F5irehose in a big way again. Very frustrating to bei so close to it all but not be able to see it. I was really looking forward to chasing it with the guys, to phone into Rally radio a few reports and do some video footage. Hopefully Charapa, macguyver and the others will get some scoop interviews for us out there instead.


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