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Originally Posted by Murgatroid View Post
The People 300 leaves me cold. It's priced the same as the BV350. I'd rather have the BV. To me, the Taiwanese scooters should significantly undercut the Italians and Japanese.

Being an engineer, I think a big part of the appeal of the HD200 and BV350 is the technology. The engine and clutch of the BV is interesting to me. I find the ceramic coated cylinders of the HD fascinating. That each engine reliably produces ~100hp/liter is what I expect from a modern engine. Many of Kymcos designs are fairly dated although the People 300 isn't one of them. It just seems bigger and clunkier in comparison to the BV, even though it's lighter.. I'll have to look at one in person.

Even David Harrington almost admitted that the BV350 is superior in just about every way to his 300GT, but picked his bike due to his faith in Kymco's reliability compared to Piaggio.
Although the price tag on the Kymco 300GT may be similar to the BV350, in reality you can probably get it for significantly less. The local Kymco dealer is selling it for $4899 + tax. I would expect to pay close to the sticker plus add on dealer fees for the BV350. However, get what you really want instead of pinching a few dollars. If it was me, I'd get the Kymco over the BV350. For around town and occasional long trips, I'd go with the HD200 or SC250.

I also have a Kymco Super 8 150. It is much lighter and more nimble than my SC250 and turns short trips around town into an exciting ride. I have owned many motorcycles and have been riding for over 30 years. For short trips around town, you just can't beat a small, nimble, lightweight scooter.

The Sport city on the other hand is probably the lightest 250 out there and is quite capable of touring and even running all day at highway speeds. Why get a heavier and more expensive scooter when you already have a larger motorcycle?

I haven't ridden a Vespa but I would imagine that the small wheels make it more nimble than a similar sized big wheel scooter. Unless you are riding in an area with a lot of potholes, I don't see a problem with the smaller wheels.
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