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Obvious pros & cons so far:

The Contour: Took about five minutes to download the app that lets you see through the camera and pair it to my iPhone4, works fine.

GoPro: After you open the box, you have to update the firmware, which was a pain in the ass. I did it twice according to the directions ("Transfer the file to the root directory of the SD card." WTF does that mean? How do you do it?) After being annoyed with that for a while, I googled the right way to do it. Got the app downloaded, but get "Preview Not Supported" which pops up all over the web as a known issue. After a couple more hours of fiddlefarting and bad words, I shut the camera off, pulled the battery, waited a minute, then reinstalled it and turnd the camera on. Still no preview supported. Deleted/reinstalled the app, still no preview.
Wandered the web some more, and found that the preview will work in WiFi but not BlueTooth. Preview/Playback is a bit jerky and has about a three-second delay, and loops- you hear what you are saying two or three times.
I'm sick, and it's 23 degrees outside and the bikes are put away for the winter, so I'll wait a bit to go play with both of them.

But if you're not a computer guy/gal, be prepared to say bad words and be frustrated before you can even use the GoPro. It's beyond me why they would ship a camera packed with a slip that says "Firmware update required before using camera." If I'm getting a beta version, it oughta be cheaper.

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