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That tube is the float bowl drain-there is a screw on the float bowl that lets gas drain out of this tube.This is normal.You probably have a partially plugged pilot jet-this happens more from lack of use/bike sitting with old gas.If you are not familiar with motorcycle repair find a good shop.If the bike is run at speed with plugged carb jets the engine can be damaged from running too lean.
Thank you for your answer!

Partially plugged pilot jet? What does that mean? And what do you mean sitting with old gas? You mean like... gasoline? Or gas, the one at the bottom of the carburetor?

Can I unplug those jets by myself? Though I'm not sure that's the case, the bike is running clean, but when used for a while, then randomly it sometimes is just starting to stall, give it some gas, it steadies, and sometimes it will start to stall again and sometimes not. It's not a constant issue, it's sometimes there, sometimes it's not.

With my logic and experience I can conclude this - The carburetor is sometimes exhausting the gas trough the tube, when idle, too fast pace, somehow interfering, disrupting normal carburetor operation. However if I put something at the end of the tube (piece of coarse cloth), to slow down the exhaustion of the gas, when Idle bike works perfect, however when revving, the cloth then interferes with the exhaustion process by blocking the gas, also disrupting carburetor operation.

Is it really normal that the tube is without any filters, just a tube?

If only there would be a filter, which blocks the gas when idle and lets it go when revving, actually this is a commonly used mechanism - as the flow increases the way opens up. I only need to know if this wouldn't harm the carburetor in a long term usage.

Also this could be very much related to bike being in ''reduced effect'' state. Blocking something in it's operations may cause reduced power and also cause some problems with stalling. Does anyone know precisely how the ''reduced effect'' feature is added. Because, as I mentioned before, majority of parts are the same as a ''normal edition'' bike, even the price. (just not for me, as I bought it used)
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