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Corbin "Tall" Seat

Posted this on the Explorer Forum, but thought this thread could use a bump up, so posting here too.

A couple of months ago I scheduled a "ride-in" to the Corbin Factory in Hollister, CA. My goal was to get fitted for a seat that would give me the best characteristics of a Corbin, with the added value of some additional height for my 34" inseam. My first attempt was to have them add an 1 1/2 inches to their stock Corbin. Although the seat was extremely comfortable and my leg angle was great, the added height, combined with the extra width of the Corbin, made the reach to ground a little challenging. Reducing the height to 3/4 inches over stock, and a little trimming of the width gave me the reach to the ground, and still gave me a more relaxed leg angle. The other benefit was that the extra foam that was added was softer than their extremely firm base, giving me the best of both...a firm, solid foundation and a nice soft user interface, :)

If you have the inseam that can handle this, I would highly recommend this set up. I can ride all day with this seat. The other good thing about the Corbin is that you get to keep your stock seat, so I will certainly recover much of the cost of this seat by selling it to another tall inmate if/when the Explorer gets sold or traded.

Personal Stats: 6'2", 34" inseam, 52 year old who rides about 25K miles a year on The Explorer, V-Strom 650 and DR650.
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