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The exit from Phnom Penh was through a maze of back roads, railway sidings and even what appeared to be a rubbish dump but it turned out to be a truck collecting a large pile of rubbish in the middle of the road, I've never ridden "off road" through piles of rubbish before
NOTE : There will be a lot of short video's in this report as it's easier than stopping to get the camera out, but there are lots of pics.
After the railways the track opened up and passed farms this is were I had my first off. We were travelling at a fair rate sometime past cattle as I was riding I noticed they all had a rope around their neck and the end tethered to either a stake in the ground or a large-ish rock to slow them down.
Pilot who was leading spooked a cow which ran across in front of me, all I saw was a rope stretched in front of me about 3 foot off the ground so I hid the brakes and lay down, lucky it was a rope with rock. no injuries and unfortunatly the vid wasn't running A short rest not long after I could see the heat was going to be a major factor

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