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I've got a good mesh jacket, an Olympia Moab, I'd consider replacing it but I just got it last spring. The pants I have are cheap ones that leak and really offer little protection. I'm not all that concerned with how "hot" the pants will be when it's 90+ out so long as the upper body gets a good breeze. What really amazes me with all these manufacturers is that very few of them make any gear in a color other than black ....... apparently some of the people that make this stuff have never been on a bike in 90+ weather. I haven't looked to close at the motoport stuff yet but the darien at least comes in a lighter color gray.

You would not believe how many web sites for gear I've looked at in the last couple weeks, there are literally hundreds of gear makers out there at both ends of the quality spectrum. The European gear is as every bit as good as the aerostitch stuff but due to exchange rate is expensive stuff. Which ever I choose, it isn't going to be black gear. Lighter colors are more bearable in the heat. Around here, in western NY it doesn't get really hot though it can get humid. I wished the aerostitch had an option for putting in a mesh lining, that would be a great help in the heat by letting air circulate more freely rather than the material just laying on the skin. I suppose I could wear a set of tights under it

I'm not a cheap sob but I do like bang for the buck. I strongly believe in attgat, saved my hide back in '07 when I smacked a deer at 70 mph returning from Moab. I've got a couple finalists picked out, I just need to read up more and see what fits the bill, maybe see who would give a discount to a combat disabled vet.

In the end, I really appreciate everyones input and suggestions, makes things a lot easier to choose the right gear.
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