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Originally Posted by ndthl View Post
Has DRJens or anyone swapped a xf650 engine into a dr650?

I need to fix the gearbox and engine on my dr and found a xf engine, both are same model year (1997). Has anyone made this swap before?

I am in Queensland, Australia.

What would I have to modify on the engine to make it fit? Other posters here have said that I might have to swap the head as the xf has 2 carbies. Would I just be able to swap the head from my DR onto it? I am not a mechanic, pardon my n008 questions.

while i dunno for sure, i can't imagine there'd be much (if any?) mods needed as the engines are identical except for the heads. if i were contemplating this swap, i'd be more interested in finding the dual-carb set-up from the xf rather than swapping heads to get your single carb to fit. the xf heads have bigger valves, why would you want the smaller valve heads of the dr?

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