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GIVI Boxes

Originally Posted by AtlantaDR View Post

Here is the one picture that I have, and it is not great.

I am in Atlanta and the TEX is in Los Angeles, so I will take some close-ups when I return in a couple of days.

The touch surface is a traditional black leather, the sides are vinyl as they suggest, and I did not do any kind of welts. I like the smooth, clean feel of the bike without the bead.

BTW, this pic was taken while I was at the Corbin factory. There was another rider there who had these GIVI boxes on his bike that he let me try on my Explorer. I have just been using the E-55 and the E-41's off of the V-Strom, but these boxes are pretty cool. They are sturdy and well-made, and look much more natural on the TEX than the rounded GIVI's.
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