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625 smc starting gremlins

06 625 smc with 7 k, I'm the 3 rd owner. Here is the situation.
When I go to start the bike cold, I pull the choke and hit the estarter. The starter starts to turn but dies real quick like not enough juice from the battery. Then I pull out out the kick starter and give it some assistance. When I get to the bottom of the kick starter motion, the starter dies. It takes 5 or so attempts then starts and runs fine. Starts much easier when warmed up, sometimes doesn't need the kick starter help. Seems random when the kick starter is not needed.
The previous owner replaced the starter not to long ago. I keep a battery tender on it. When I pull the decamp lever, the starter has no problem trying to start the bike. I pulled the battery, had it tested on a load and the shop told me the battery is good, not fully charged but good otherwise. Battery is a yuasa and about 1 year old. The shop said it was the right size. I also took apart estarter switch because it was gummed up. I have a multi meter but not real good with it. So
where do I go from here, simple stuff first. Cheers
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