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I know that this thread was started a while ago, but I am looking for a new bike and seriously considering a 2012 SMT. The problem is that I want to take my wife with me on a lot of rides. We looked at, and sat on a whole bunch of bikes this weekend. For comfort, she liked a left over 2010 FJ1300, a 2012 V-Strom 1000, and the SMT. The SMT sounds like, and looks like just *so* much fun. I have an extensive dirt bike background, so the seat heights do not bother me at all even though I only have a 30" inseam. I am a bit worried that the SMT does not offer the long range of the V-Strom, but the bug 'Strom just looked *HUGE* compared to the SMT, and I am worried that it would just be too big for me to wheel out of the garage for my 3 mile work commute. On the other hand, the big 'Strom looked to be more comfortable for her.
Has anybody here had some passenger experience with the SMT? Does it work well? Whatever I end up with will have to have a sturdy top case added, so she has something to lean back on. The KTM's soft bags look OK, but the soft top case they offer will not do the job as it is too low, and soft.
I love that the KTM SMT is raw, and simple. I like small, light bikes, and the big 'Strom is neither, but it does have ample performance, long range, and comfort in spades. If the SMT can be easily modified to be comfortable for my passenger, it seems like the bike for me.
We want a bike that I can ride every day, for my short commute, and rides around town, and for weekend trips, 2-up, of maybe 200 miles or so. We are in our 50's, so no sport bikes for us... Of all the bikes we looked at, and sat on (including the MTS), the decision looks like it is coming down to these two.
Can anybody convince me one way or the other?
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