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Originally Posted by Hodag View Post
should i get spall liner on the amx 40?

i have rammer, vents, and bogey wheels mounted
love that tank
30 hit battles not uncommon

what crew training??

Are you keeping that AMX 40 long term?!

I mean, sure, I can see a spall liner instead of the wheels since it is so slow, since arty at that level fires so fast, and since you're going to see Hetzers with their HE Derp guns.... but crew skills?

Clutch braking makes the tank turn faster, but I forget how fast that turret turns, or if it even needs clutch braking to help it.

I mean, if it's a serious contender for a keeper tank, then you've got to determine what area you feel it's lacking in. If you hide in bushes a lot and snipe, then camo skills across the board. Play it as a super-tank taking on all comers, then Brothers in Arms for all crew (doesn't take effect until all crew hit 100% with it). Getting tracked a lot, or damaged otherwise? Then repair for all crew.

I know the AMX 40 isn't a fast tank, so perhaps some perks should be ruled out, but I've seen the tank played in different ways, so it's tough to suggest the best perks.
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