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Sometimes, husbands can be the worst coaches to their wife. And some parents should "NOT" be allowed in the area when their child is being taught. (you can see this 1st hand at any sporting event where the parent thinks their kid IS the next Michael Jordan/ Tiger Woods/ Beckham etc and is shouting at their kid from the side line)...Now, with that being said, I taught my wife how to ride a motorcycle and taught my son how to ride dirt bike. He also aced his DMV written and driving test. (Proud dad!!)

Not everybody can be a mentor/ instructor. I saw this 1st hand when I purchased golfing lessons for my wife. She learned a lot and had a great swing...up until I showed up. She started trying too hard because she was trying to please me. Hook, slice slice.

For those of you who ride but just don't have the confidence and/or technique, I would recommend finding one of those "Ride Like a Cop" schools. The best info/statement is ...where you look is where you go. Look down, go down. They teach you how to keep your head and eyes UP and balance and maneuver.

My wife never finished getting her M1 and chooses to be my co pilot on my Harley. We are both happy that way and that's what motorcycling is all about...right?
ps, After 18+ years of marriage, I would be terrified if she started riding now. She is my soul mate and I wouldn't want anything to hurt her. I know I know mush mush, I'll knock it off now.

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