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Originally Posted by gunnerbuck View Post
A simple thing to check is the wires that run into the starter relay behind and at the back of the right side panel... Sometimes these wires get worn through from abrasion to the point where only a strand or 2 are left giving erratic juice flow to the starting circuit...

With only 7k on the bike I can't see the decomp cam been worn so the fault may lie inside the starter itself...

I would remove the starter off the bike and disassemble it for a good cleaning, while it is apart you can check the condition of the 2 brushes... A bit of emery paper can be used to clean the armature to make sure it has good conductivity.... This all sounds difficult, but in actual fact the starter is quite easy to remove and service...

You will then have a eliminated the starter as the probably cause and look elsewhere if the problem persists...
I think the starter has two bolts holding it on and two bolts to crack it open. Will look into this and the wires to the relay. I thought the relay was under the seat behind the battery. I see a wire off the starter to this thing I thought was the relay. It has two fuses, a black wire that goes to the starter and what looks like a relay.
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