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Originally Posted by Shov3BR View Post
Yes, contrary to what you might read in other ADVRider threads, all switching requlators have some quiescent (no load) power drain.
TAPP Lite draws 8mA (.008A) which isn't much so unless your bike sits for a long time, it won't drain the battery.
TAPP 2.1A with its MOSFET switcher draws a whopping 35mA and will kick the snot out of all but the biggest touring bike batteries in a few days. We recommend connecting the TAPP 2.1A family of USB power ports to a switched circuit like an accessory or taillight circuit. We provide one of those triple-trick PosiTaps to make the connection very easy.
Hope this helps.
Sure does, thanks!

Great product, I own 4 of them, but I had 2 dead batteries and had to ask...

Will re-wire them to switched hot wires, much grass!

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