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Interesting ride today from Chiapa de Corzo to Pichucalca. Nice twisty road with plenty of elevation then down to follow a big wild river for a while. I was riding in thick fog for a time, and this is when I came upon a body laying face up and legs akimbo (points for that Tom?) on the side of the road. Actually partly on the road. I thought maybe he'd been hit by a car in the fog, and the car driver had done a runner... He really looked dead - I thought I'd better stop to check, but wasn't sure what I'd do if he actually was dead. I figured I'd wave down a local and let them figure it out.

For a few seconds when I got to him, I could see no signs of life and was thinking oh shit... then his throat moved a little and I started slapping him around... there was vomit on his shirt, so I came to the conclusion that he was dead drunk. Meanwhile I tried to wave down some cars, 3 passed but nobody stopped. I got him sitting up and he was talking, so figured he would be ok so said adios.

It wasn't till a bit later that I thought maybe playing dead was a tactic used by the bad guys to get people to stop? And maybe that's why the locals didn't stop when I tried to wave them down?

Here's the bookends to my day

In the morning, leaving the hotel where I'd been for three days, this little sweetheart (whose mum runs the place) was sad to see me go...

I was stopped at this checkpoint just before Pichucalca. Most of the time I don't get stopped, and I think the times I do it's just because the guys are bored and want to check out the bike. That was the case this time, we ended up joking around and the commander at the post suggested I have a photo with one of the soldiers. This guy was a bit of a comedian. Mexico is safe in his hands!

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