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Originally Posted by elementalg20 View Post
I had an early 80's kaw 250ltd I was bored to tears with. It was my first street bike and I should have loved every minute of it, and part of me did. The other part was afraid I'd get passed by a hopped up moped, not entirely sure it ran as it should of but it started/idled/rev'd ok.....just ungodly slow 40-45mph topped out. The vfr750 was a great improvement, even if it was a honda(no issue personally, but honda is getting dinged in this thread and others lol).

My first brand new streetbike was an '81 Suzuki 450LTD, and I loved it. Rode it full throttle most of the time. And that was coming from a Suzuki GT380 2 stroke. I loved it too. My '95 Goldwing is basically a transportation appliance, some even call them 2 wheeled cars, and they are not that far off. But it has taken me and a ton of stuff all over the country in comfort. I guess the bike itself could be considered boring alright, but to me, traveling is not. And the Goldwing was designed from the ground up for traveling. But I still like bikes that vibrate and make a nice noise, they can be a lot of fun just riding around town. A KLR might seem boring, but a trip from AK to the tip of South America on one sure wouldn't be.
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