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Originally Posted by OConnor View Post
For 10k couldn't you get a nice CBX and have something that really is a classic and will hold it's value if not appreciate?
As a 1979 CBX owner I feel I'm in a good position to comment.

You certainly could do what you're saying and you're right that it will hold its value and probably appreciate if you take care of it. But owning a 33-yo vehicle is nothing like owning a new vehicle. The older bike requires a lot more maintenance, is much less reliable, and has generally antiquated brakes, suspension, tire specs, etc. Six carbs vs. modern electronic fuel-injection? I could go on and on but you get the drift.

And if you have a really nice CBX, you probably don't want to start putting huge miles on it, both because of the repair costs and because it hurts its value. And getting full value insurance for a nice classic is pretty tricky. If you crash it, good luck getting your local Honda dealer to fix it. Actually, finding anyone who will work on these bikes is a bit of a trick in itself. You really need to be your own mechanic.

It's like comparing a 1967 Camaro to a 2013. The old one is cool as hell, but it just doesn't serve the same mission.

- Mark
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