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Originally Posted by Vicks View Post
I love CJ's work and have bought some small stuff from him but there is nothing wrong in talking about an issue with someone's product if you are sure that it was not due to mis-use / negligence.

If it was indeed a weld quality issue and if CJ acknowledged it, its good for both because the customer get his issue taken care of and the manufacturer gets valuable feedback and a chance to improve their product design/manuf process.

If i was thousands of kms away (like i am usually, in this part of the world) from the manuf. then i would definitely sort it out myself, but would make sure to leave some feedback to the manuf. and other users. If i was close by to the manufacturer and they agreed to replace the item, then i'd be happier.

No need to pile on the OP and call this as "bitching like a little girl".
Your post sums up how I feel, I did try to sort it and now CJ's are going to repair and test it so hopefully all good.

Not entirely sure what bones Capt. REDBEARD has with us as we have never offended him, never met him and to be honest don't want to, certainly his post is unhelpful and unwelcomed.

Anyway, hopefully all forward from here, unfortunately the tank leak is only one small part of our problem with the bike.
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