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Originally Posted by doyle View Post
Unless anyone has any objections, I would like to put up the main coverage thread later tonight. I guess like last year any of the mods can lock it until raceday. Thoughts?
I'll put my vote in...

If Doyle drafts his (per usual) OFFICIAL DAKAR race coverage thead prelude (complete with his inimitable pre-rally intoduction, ADV spin and all pertinent links, tips and the like ) then someone on the f5 mod team can lock it (& sticky it) until the 5th (official start day) so that all the forum inmates can familiarize and peruse the info at their leisure (meanwhile all the pre-rally guff on scrutineering/tech inspection, last minute freight delays and unsubstantiated rumours can continue unadulterated here in the "Pre-Event discussion thread").

Then on the f5ith* of january one of the mod squad can "open" the f5loodgates on the f5irehose (to coincide as the f5irst MOTO competitor rolls up onto the ceremonial start podium - as per the official Dakar schedule - would be good f5 f5orm... ) and from then on it's gonna be a f5ull pressure f5irehose f5renzy as the race coverage speeds off at a bazillion posts a day towards a new f5 personal best for cyber web rally raid participation...

* Did anyone else notice that the ASO changed the start date JUST to honour the vital contribution and integral part of DAKAR that the f5 collective at ADV has become...?

Might I suggest (also? ) that a good number of the other pertinent Dakar/ADV threads - including the Official DAKAR Coverage f5irehose - (ie: Media/Photo link thread, TV coverage, torrent streaming link thread, Pyndon thread, Robby thread, 4 wheel Dakar, the HRC thread and possibly any others deemed heavy traffic... oh, lets not forget the DAKAR F5 101 instruction thread for f5 rally n00bs). Could all these be stickied as well, for the duration...? as it will make the job of the Dakar f5aithfull (and the f5 mod squad) much easier to pan through the body of material and - most importantly, for those you can't devote 24/seven for two weeks to dakar duty - allow us to keep the "DAKAR Cliff Notes" thread (also a sticky) up to date and topical...!?

All of the other usual racing threads (and even those Dakar related not deemed "heavy traffic/sticky) will live their lives these first two weeks of january, just floating under the f5 foam that bubbles up the top (if they have momentum they won't fall off the front ) and once the rally crosses the line in Chilé, things will (slowly) die down, the " DAKAR stickies" will be removed and things revert back to normal (are they ever that way around here...??!! ) eventually and all will be at peace in the racing forum again (by about the end of February... ).

This year we have got more mods on this thing than a Bultaco rallybike (most of them are old, blow smoke... and bits fall off now and then ), but the "powers that be" that live behind the green curtain down in the basement have allocated buttons and probationary privelliges that will enable the f5 effort for the 2013 virtual DAKAR festival to be - what we hope - will be the best ever...!!!

f5 DAKAR roll on...

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