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KUBERG Trial E voltage

Originally Posted by soloyosh View Post
So Im looking for something for my 5 year old and Im torn between the Kuberg Trial E and the Oset 16-36V. The Kuberg is available from Amazon for $1100 and change. I can get a new Oset for $1300 shipped to my door. The main functional difference I see is the battery. The Kuberg has two 12V batteries (at least according to the spec I can find) that yields 24 Volts. The Oset is obviously a 36 Volt setup. However they both appear to have 750W motors.


Edit: This all may be moot as I will probably switch over to LiPo batteries...
Hi Soloyosh, KUBERG Trial E has 3 x 12V 14Ah batteries - e.g. 36Volts. Check up KUBERG Facebook page - you might love what you can get.
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