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Originally Posted by ferrix View Post
I maintain it is the job of the machine to be an excellent tool for the rider, and it is up to the rider to add the 'character' and excitement to the mix.
I'm not saying I never had fun on the bike, quite the contrary, I brought my own fun with me. However it was still a boring bike! It was bland and uninspiring. If there was a row of bikes available, I'd choose another.

Originally Posted by ferrix View Post
Upon a closer examination, a 'boring' bike usually turns out to be one the rider couldn't fault - how in God's name has this become a bad thing?!?
Couldn't fault, or the bike just didn't have that extra something, pizzazz, mojo, whatever. When the ZX9R was released, I spoke to a lot of riders and almost all of them had got rid of their Fireblade because it was boring, but the ZX9R with Kawasaki's signature seductive intake noise and raw top end rush really rang their bell.

Originally Posted by NJ-Brett View Post
A light nimble and severely under powered bike is more fun as you have to race it all the time.
I also imagine a sport bike is not much fun if you have to stay within the speed limits.
Totally agree. I've said that many times, expressed as "it's more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow." Some people don't get it though.

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Ducati. MV Agusta. Triumph.
<Cough> KTM.
KTM LC4 640 Question? Check here first --> KTM LC4 (640) Index Thread
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