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Hello again people. I'm looking for some advice on replacing my handlebars. I want to get an aftermarket handlebar so I can fit barkbusters. I've gone through to many clutch and brake levers. I am not sure exactly what parts are required, eg the bars, the grips, donuts, barkbusters, riser, glue for the grips perhaps? I'm just not sure. Can someone please clarify exactly what I need.
Here is what I did. Bars are 25bucks now though. They don't vibrate like the stock bars did even without weights. I cut 1" off each end to get it close to stock width. Used a plumbing pipe cutter. Can't recall but think it's the Suzuki bend.
Reused the factory grips since the throttle grip is fused to it. A needle air blow gun will help take off the clutch side grip. Might be easier to buy a clutch side grip depending on how old your grip is. I had grip glue from another project.
There are locating plastic pins on the forward controls that I filed down. I put electrical tape under the controls and they don't move. When you take the controls off the bar you will see them and the locating pin hole on the factory bar.
The Acerbis guards I have are no longer made plus they were pricey. Mine are not metal backed so it has not helped me protect the hand controls.
Bark buster on my 2-stroke: I think they are Tusk brand but can't remember the model number. Recall they were under 40bucks. They sit farther away from the bar so I suspect they would fit fine on the DR200. I have not broken any hand controls yet and ride much harder on my KX.

Only reason I changed the bars as I first tried drilling out the weights on the factory bars and gave up. If you go back through the thread, I've broken quite a few clutch and brake handles but the bars have stayed straight so happy with how well it's holding up for the price.

As for your riser inquiry, I don't have them on my DR but I did add risers to my KX from Pitposse.
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