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Was time to move my hump on out of here in Dubrovnik and Croatia and head into Montenegro a new country for a new year. Was a beautiful day light winds the sun was out shining so was all set for a fantastic days riding. I try not to put to many expectations on places when I go there but for once I had googled this place Kotor in Montenegro to have a look and it looked amazing so was looking forward to seeing it and even though I sort of expected something special I was still in awe of how magnificent this place really is. So lets go for a ride together with photos and see what it was like.

The day started off early said my goodbyes to Nikolina the little blondie mmmm little blondie ahahah (shhooosh Ev) and hit the road but wasnt more than 15 minutes down the road when I first had to stop to take aphoto looking back towards Dubrovnik.

Anyone for a game of futsal talk about a nice spot to have your oval.

Continued on down the E65 to Cavtat I didnt have any idea what was there but had seen signs alogn the highway sayign this far to Cavtat etc so was thinkign there must be something there and when I got to the turn off saw a bus coming out of there so thought I better go down there to have a look what is there.Ended up being a very nice spot for my first break of the day.

This is the view from the back of the little village

And this is the front side that opens to the Adriatic, beautiful little spot for a break and a good optical as well let me tell you

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