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wasnt far to the border and I had a few hundred Kuna left so stopped to get some petrol and try and spend the rest of the money I had so in the end on a quiet Sunday morning the lady in theservice station made quite good sales of junk I bought chocalates 5 packets of smokes ahahahah bloody ciggies I got to gdet off them things though that will take me awhile to get rid of all of them, a pack last me 3 or 4 days usually so I bought them knowing they will either get lost or get wet somewhere in the next week or two, I might as well of just given the old lady the money and be done with it. Bought some chain lube so so that was a bonue to buy something that will be of use and that killed 12 AUD or something.

That all done and my choclates ice crea,s stuffed into my guts it was off to Montenegro and the border crossing I knew Drew had told me one of the border crossings had made him buy insurance and as I rode off I thought of that and now I had sweet fa money. Oh well ill work it out when I get there I thought.

Pass through the Croatian border no dramas there was alot of cars being search thoroughly, I guess theres must be some cheap stuff south of here they dont like being brought into Croatia who knows.

Get to the Montenegro border, the guy takes my passport asks for the green slip and registration papers, ok got my passport but no ownership papers, no registration papers shhhh the bikes out of rego in Australia and my green card insurance is not valid in Montenegro, lets see how we go.

I tell them I had all my papers stolen out of the pannier when it got nicked in Prague so thats made things a little tricky with getting more paperwork. I handed him the police report in Czech, he has a look at it and hands it back pfft no one can read it anyway. I have a few other peices of paper work repairs stuff with the engine number on it to show the bike is mine etc he calls his boss and they say lets see if we can help you. They go through the papers and its pretty clear its my bike so a few minutes later its all ok no problems. phew thats one thing out of the way.

The cost of registering a bike in Australia is between 4 and 6 hundred bucks as when you register a vehcile over there you have to take third party insuarance for the Aussie roads, well im not on the Aussie roads and the third party insurance id get with it wouldnt cover me over here so im not paying that money for a bike that isnt there, the bottom line is when you travel you need ownership papers and third party insurance and thats it and anyway if worse came to worse and they really wanted to see some document you could just go knock some up on a computer and hand it to them. I know trying to contact the roads and traffic authourity in Australia is a nightmare and can see you on the phone for 30 or 40 minutes if not more waiting let alone these guys in Montenegro trying to get through and make sense of it all. Im sure they would give up with the automated system beofre they actually got through, you know what I mean, the please push one two three four five six system bla bla bla what a nightmre those things are, so safe to say rego Australian rego isnt important, famous last words, I better get on my computer.

Now they are looking at the green card it clearly stamped with a cross through Montenegro so its not but valid here, so im guessing they either mistook the cross as a valid (highly unlikely) or didnt give a rats ass either way they hand it back to me and say just ride carefully ok, double phew that was nice of them.

While I was there a nice looking chick came over to me and handed me her card and said if I was in Albania to look her up. On her card it says Gender Development and Governance, what the hell does that mean, when I first read it I was like oh if im going to have a sex change your the one ill come and see but was nice and polite about it and said thank you i will, oh well it has Phd after her name so Im gussing she knows what shes talking about when it comes to having a sex change, im pretty sure if Ev reads this she will be thinking ill do the surgery for you asshole ahahahaha

So anyway im off out of the border control there was alot of cars heading into Montenegro and toward Kotor.

Looking back to the Montenegro border crossing, apparently it can get really busy here with queues of kilometers so if you are coming this way might be best to do it early in the day and not on a public holiday.Was quiet today for me.

Looking down the valley, Welcome to Montenegro

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