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Eventually arrive in Kotor its a beautiful litle city and im sittign on my bike lookign at the gps trying to figure out where im goign and this guy pulls up in the middle of the road on the other side and shouts out and points to the direction of the next street sayign good road good road for morobikes, im guessign hes talking about the road up the Locvna mountain so off I go. Yeah Ok thats it but I might go get my accomadation sorted first its gettign late. I had looked on and saw a place but didnt book it so off I go up the road to find it and yeah no dramas, a little expensive at 40 euro but what the hell its an apartment and right int he centre of town and I can cut costs by shopping in the supermarket across the road.

While im standing there minding my own business out the front near my bike waiting for the owner to arrive out of the shop walks this nice looking girl, ok you caught my eye hello, well she jumps in a taxi i just have to get a picture of this, walk over say hi and have a chat she offers me some of her chips shes just bought and I ask if I can take a picture of the prettiest taxi driver ive ever seen ahahah got to love my style, I wonder if im going to lose my mojo when Ev joins me, I guess you cant lose what you never had hey. Dragana gives me her phone number and facebook and she takes off up the road to get a fare, what a really nice welcome into Montenegro ive had.

Dragana or darling to me in her taxi

Had a nice walk aroudn town last night this place is beautifjl as i was walking around i was thinking to myself this is the prettiest old town ive been too in all of Europe, well maybe it is and maybe it isnt but for me to even think that its pretty damn nice. Ill upload more photos later but heres one I took when I was thinking of Ev last night, she will be able too look at as many as she wants as these but it wont cost a cent cause unless she is wearing them as earrings they wont be going on the bike.

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