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Originally Posted by GSBS View Post
The Heideneau tires don't look as aggressive as the T63s (which I've run as well) but seem to grip about as well off road to me and the K60s are markedly better on pavement, wet or dry, IMO. The T63 rears I've had on my Dakar lasted about 2,500 miles and the front about twice that, but really cupped up badly in the last 1K miles or so. For me the K60s are a much better value since they go over twice as far with better overall performance. They also cost more - $150 for the rear vs. about $70 for the T63. $85 for the front vs. $70 for the Michelin.
Are the Heidenau's similar in thread depth to the Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara's ?

I wouldn't take them off the pavement again....

I guess different riding styles and air pressure makes alot of difference, because one of the thing I really like about the T63's is that the front wears really nice and even with no or little stepping (unlike the Pirelli MT21's which look like a Mayan pyramid after 25 minutes). Riding fully laden around Oz I got about 6000km from a set, but never wore them out and could easily have gone another 2000km I reckon. Tires are like chicks though, go with what you like, which isn't necessarily what your buddy likes
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