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Originally Posted by dpifko View Post
If you have the Navigon app, Greatest Road will recognize it. When you tap Start Ride on your favorite stretch, Navigon will magically appear as one of the options. It should fire Navigon up and allow you to start the navigation right away. As far as I know, neither Motion-X nor Motion-X Drive allow other apps to call it with multiple waypoints. That's a shame, since the app rocks and they're a local company. We're looking into doing something similar with the Google Maps app too.
So I also purchased the Navigon app it seems to be a very good one. Weird how I decided to purchase Navigon when I already have Tom Tom and the Motion-X and Motion-Drive. But the Navgon seems like a very good GPS and it's not about the money for the apps or the stand alone GPS. It's about the functionality that I want when I'm riding.

That being said here is what Motion-X Support told me yesterday and it works:

Yes, you can navigate to a MotionX-GPS waypoint using GPS Drive. To do so, please launch MotionX-GPS and select Menu >> Waypoints >> All Waypoints >> choose the one you'd like to navigate to >> Options >> Open MotionX GPS Drive. Let me know if you run into any trouble.

You can navigate to multiple stops (waypoints) using GPS Drive. To setup a multi-stop route, please use the following steps:

1. Start navigating to a destination by going to its address detail page and selecting the green Navigate button.
2. Without stopping navigation, choose another destination (or import one from MotionX-GPS), again by going to its address detail page and selecting the green Navigate button.
3. You will be asked if you want to add a stop or clear the route. Choose "Add Stop."
4. You can add up to 9 stops to the route, for a total of 10 destinations.

Please note, the first destination you add, will always be the final destination. Stops should be added after the destination. Let me know if you experience any issues with this and I'd be happy to help.

So I tried it and it really does work very well exactly as stated. But it gets annoying adding each way point one at a time and I liked the Navigon interface.

Now apart from Navigon working well with Greatest streets from the iPHONE can it import GPX files as well? Or do I have top go to GOogle to map my route and from Google somehow import to Navigon?

I chose Navigon over Motion-X because of their really good 3d Display and traffic re-routing feature but I posted the Motion-X solution for every one else's benefit.
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