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Originally Posted by thesurvivalist View Post
Hello again people. I'm looking for some advice on replacing my handlebars. I want to get an aftermarket handlebar so I can fit barkbusters. I've gone through to many clutch and brake levers. I am not sure exactly what parts are required, eg the bars, the grips, donuts, barkbusters, riser, glue for the grips perhaps? I'm just not sure. Can someone please clarify exactly what I need.
For adding some lever/hand protection I bought some "universal fit" handguards from e-bay. They complement the OEM bars and fitment on the bars and around the various cables/lever mountings was fine. I would think most universal fit types would fit...and typically the mounting hardware can be rotated/slid and the bar itself bent a bit to clear any issues. See Post #5899.

Typical installation does not require removal of the grips (unless you want to upgrade/update at the same time). You do cut the ends off the grips (dremel or carpet knife) to expose the end of the bars.

On throttle will cut the throttle tube (the part that rotates over the handlebar) back 1/8" so the handguard does not interfear or bind the throttle tube movement.

Here as others have posted you will find the bars filled with steel (not soft lead). Your handguard kit likely will come with some type of expansion type mounting system...don't use it as drilling the mass of steel out of bar is a turn this into an advantage: select a suitable bolt size and length for your application...get a tap set from hardware store (drill bit and tap) and drill/tap a centered hole and bolt those puppies up. Blue locktite on bolts.

For installing handgrips...try peeling off, curse a bit, cut them off, curse at it, clean off bits and residue, finish cursing...then install new with grip glue. Easy!

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