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Originally Posted by Two Moto Kiwis View Post

Not entirely sure what bones Capt. REDBEARD has with us as we have never offended him, never met him and to be honest don't want to, certainly his post is unhelpful and unwelcomed.

my bones are this:

it is tough enough to be successful with a small business - let alone a one man shop specializing in niche KTM adventure parts. The owner [CJ] goes out of his way for this community providing information, feedback, product testing and just general mechanical advice - far above and beyond what most contribute here - myself included.

so how do you treat this vendor [CJ designs]? you come on here and air your dirty laundry about how he will not unconditionally warranty a product he did not sell you. I do not think it is beyond reason to want you to ship back the product so he can at least take a look at it before he determines what the next course of action will be. Which one of your "sponsors" are going to unconditionally warranty items to the new owners of your DRs? - my guess is none.

I was under the impression that you had tried nothing and were all out of ideas.
nothing bothers me more then people who know nothing and expect everyone else to fix their issues.
I did not realize that you brought it to a welder whom could not fix it.

I imagined that the time and energy put into posting about your problem - would have been enough to solve your problem locally - I was wrong.

good luck sorting out all your other issues....
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