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Originally Posted by stevemd View Post
I learned this working in the Guzzi shop back in the late '70's. After adjusting a valve, leave the feeler gauge in and twirl the pushrod with your fingers. You may find a tight spot where you can only pull the feeler gauge out with difficulty if at all. This is where you re-adjust the valve.

As an old timer said, a little valve noise is better than no noise.
Good one! Thanks.
Here also some sage advice I learned from another Inmate. To get the feel of the clearance you wish to set during a valve adjustment, set a micrometer at the thickness of the feeler gage you are using. The gage should slide through the valve clearance with the same resistance as the gage through the pre-set mic.

Oh yeah, when a Guzzi is running well, it makes too much valve noise to hear the valve noise.

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