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A quote from one of the paramedics I worked with in the Bay Area, "They are fine drivers, from the countries they come from". Pulling up behind a car with lights/sirens in the "fast lane" having them pull over to the left up against the crash barrier and stop, in the fast lane, was so common leaving you no room but to pass them on the right. 9/10 times they were some sort of Asian. Maybe the rest of CA is better but parts of CA are "odd" to say the least.

But after living in NYC for 6+ years I am glad to be back. Yellow cabs scare the shit out of me, and traffic is a nightmare there. Now that I am old/slower/wiser, I won't filter unless traffic is basically at a stand still. I do move to a part of my lane to move up if I feel those behind me are asleep. I leave huge gaps between me and the car ahead, just to give the car behind me more time to slow down.

And in the Bay Area my experience has been white pickups like the F150 are the most common to be aggressive. While on the bicycle in SF city proper (long before critical mass was a big thing) it was luxury sedans that tried to hit me. Guess on one hand the working stiff contractor can't stand seeing someone get home before they do, and the other when you have spent 60K+ on your car how dare a simple bicycle share a lane with you.
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