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Originally Posted by Gravel Seeker View Post
Are the Heidenau's similar in thread depth to the Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara's ?
They look similar, but so do the IRC GP110s which really sucked. The K60s seem to sling/self-clean themselves pretty good in the mud. I've never had issues of loading up like in your photos.

I log a lot of miles on my Dakar and for me the K60s just make more economic sense than the T63s (which I actually like as well). With the Heideneaus I can go 12K miles on two rears (@6K each) and one front for a total cost of $385 (3.2/mile). With the T63s I have to change rear tires at 2,500 miles and fronts at 5K miles. It takes two rears and one front ($210) to go 5,000 miles (4.2/mile) plus I'm changing tires more than twice as often. And as mentioned above, I like the Heidi's more on pavement and just as well on the road compared to the Michelins.

To each his own. These just work best for me.
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