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Restoration is more than just returning a vehicle to original condition (or worse.) I've been thinking about my eldery Jaguar and this thread. The car was a lucky find with just a tad bit of teardrop rust at the bottom of the windshield, an almost impossible level of condition for an unrestored British car of the era. I'll be having a restoration paint job done to the car: strip all the moulding and chrome off, fix all the dings and bits of rust, clean, prime and repaint paint all the metal in the orignial Jaguar Claret. It'll end up costing almost as much as the car and take months for a good shop to complete. Without it, this car will not survive.

Sometimes a restoration is more than the vanity of the owner, but a step toward long term preservation. It's funny, if we rebuild an engine one year, fix the dents and then have to refresh the paint another, fix the shocks and brakes a third, we call it maintenance. If we do all that at once because the vehicle needs it, we call it a restoration. How one is a good thing and another is a bad thing is beyond me.

"Cool ol' Guzzi. Why don't you fix that rusty tank and ride it?"
"Na, I'm trying to keep it as original as possible."

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