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Originally Posted by DesertSurfer View Post
Wow 2MK,

I'm surprised you don't already know CJ. I thought everybody in the worrld who owned a 9xx had already called his business office to ask about a product... having CJ answer the phone personally and spend a good 45 minutes offering up solutions that didn't always get directed toward a sale... simply getting to the truth of the situation.

For those others out there that have never dealt with CJ before, he is a pioneer in 9xx aftermarket solutions and improvements.

Yes he is a very small operation, but a very effective one. He is a top notch individual and goes completely out of his way to satisfy his customers... at great expense to his personal life and free time, for sure.

Just my own personal list of positive CJ 9xx customer service would itself make a long lengthy post. And I live completely across the country from him, with no real ties, and no exorbanent budgets to exhaust on 9xx parts like others.

I'm just an "everyday" guy and budget minded rider. But CJ treats me and other 9xx owners like VIP's. Because he cares about 9xx owners, adventure riders and his customers.

For those out there that don't know much about his products, they are great!!! I'd recommend perusing his website to get acclimated to high quality, high tech parts for the 9xx, like the awesome clear clutch covers, hardened waterpump shafts, customized clutch oil jets, two into one collectors, etc, etc, etc.

I do have a personal story about CJ and his fuel tanks.

I saw CJ at last year's Bend KTM Rally. I previously had several short talks with him over the phone about his fuel tanks and when they were going to market. CJ was taking his time to give them the proper R&D. When I saw him at the Rally I tried to talk him into selling me one of his prototype tanks he brought in on another bike, which was probably going to just sit around collecting dust in his garage later on. CJ made a point that he wouldn't sell his prototype because he wanted to make sure he sold the new production line which he deemed to be the most solid choice.

That's just CJ... more concerned about the end result then making a sale.

Just my humble 2 cents worth...
Good post DesertSurfer

We do know of CJ, our bike has many CJ parts on it which was one of the bigger drawcards for buying the bike, unfortunately most of the cool parts are being sold to pay for epic repairs

I too am a small business owner in my professional life and I am more than well aware of going the extra mile too, we are lucky enough to be a on a 2 year RTW trip as present.

We (Ellen and I) have been caught between a rock and three hard places having trustingly bought a bike from a fellow ADVer through the Flea Market and to be honest we have been taken for a HUGE ride with fairly epic amount of work being needed toasting our pocket, our time schedule and faith.

We are on a budget and we have now spent our "just in case" pot on this bike only to need to spend reasonably big money to repair it as well, thus everything we paid for in extra farkles we are having to sell just to fix it, be fair to say I have gone past my gutted point and grumpy point.

Anyway, we chatted last night, I have sent our payment for shipping to CJ and booked it in to his shop to take care of it.

One more thing taken care of, now to deal with the next pile of shit.
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