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Originally Posted by Two Moto Kiwis View Post
Yes it did come with the bike, to be fair the tank was unmarked, undamaged and unscratched, just leaking at the edge of the weld.

Three different professionals have looked at it and said it has defective welding at the base of the joint, I have engineering qualifications too and believe the same however whatever I say will be taken as bias so discount me from the equation.

I personally think two plates half welded is less than ideal, one single thicker plate fully welded would take less effort and give a better result, again this could be taken as bias.
I think your sole purpose was understood by everyone you wanted it fixed for free.

You cant look at a weld at tell it will hold or not. Xraying is the only way.

You are lucky CJ is a true step above because frankly he owes you nothing.

You say your done being nice cause somebody did you wrong, karma will end up biting you in the end. Careful
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