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It's not nearly that simple. Folks are different and break things down differently, depending on their wants, past experience, abilities, opinions, etc. That's what makes this threat interesting, I think. I've ridden a lot of bikes for a lot of miles and I love Honda for their refinement and engineering prowess, which most people think is boring (At least most "enthusiasts."). "Character" in a bike is usually a bad thing for me, as it means some sort of raw, unfinished, poorly designed/executed, whatever-type failure. You also have to figure on a "Theory of Relativity" scale. Yes, any bike can be fun and (at least) more exciting than it's intended purpose but there's still relatively boring bikes out there.

All good fun. Keep 'em coming. I love compare and contrast. Good stuff.
"Character" shouldn't be measured by flaws.
Bikes are my preferred and only form of transportation, and my preferred form of recreation, so I desire "character" and function.

For example,

The Harleys I had just didn't do it for me because of their weight, handling and ergonomics. They weren't flaws per say but just didn't suit most of my needs and desires, Their one outstanding "character"? The seemingly endless torque that they delivered in such an effortless, relaxed manner.
My V-Star 650 Classic is a much better bike in every way for my needs and desires except it lacks that one defining "character". Because of that it made a wonderful commuter, but I havent been "inspired" to ride it in 5 years.

On the Other hand, I had a Ducati E900 Elephant, another bike that had "character" because of how it delivered its power. It made it a wonderful bike on the open road, but that "character" came with a flaw. It snatched and jerked at low rpm's making it terrible in traffic, and even worse off road which is a serious flaw in an adventure bike.

The Ducati, a bike with "character" that was also a flaw. Exciting but not suitable for my needs, not "boring", just not right for me.

The V-Star, a bike with no "character", It does everything well and has no flaws when used as intended, but is the definition of "boring". Noting outstanding or unique about it to make it interesting. Dependable transportation, thats it.

The Harleys, Plenty of character, and again no flaws when used as intended. "Boring" because while they worked well for basic transportation needs, they didn't work well for most of my other desires and that made me unable to enjoy their positive "character".

My Ural Patrol and the RZ350 I had, bikes with tons of "character" that also have a flaw, the Urals low speed/power, the RZs need to carry 2 stroke oil. Yet both filled all my needs and desires, and have plenty of positive "character' to keep them engaging, never "boring". Not perfect, but very practical in the real world, interesting and unique.
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