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Hello Joe,
not sure if you're talking about flat-slide-carbs. There has been one thing I had to learn from our German Suzuki DR Big-forum some time ago. We had a discussion about the difference of carb-operation between elder and newer versions of the DR 750 and 800. The Big is fed by a pair of coupled carbs. Originally, these aren't flat-slides! But changing to a pair of 'flatties' is a well known tuning-issue. Now comes in the subject of discussion: The latest versions of the DR 800 had 2 throttle-cables, one for opening, one for closing the carbs. Somebody had a broken shutter-cable and got home without any trouble. I thought of being wise enough to tell him he could leave it that way as long as the springs inside the carbs were good enough to close the (diaphram-controlled) slides. This led fellows to correct me: as long as we discuss diaphram-controlled slides, my opinion would be ok. But if you've put flat-slide-carbs on your bike it might be possible that they could get stuck in their slides if you just depend on the spring to close them. They might get sucked against the inlet and stay in that position. It seems, that it has to do with the kind of operation: some 'just slide', others use rollers to slide. The latter are not prone to get stuck as far as I understood. My concern is that using the first version with split cables is a recipe for desaster. This might not be accurate enough to make sure that the slides close when you want it. Hope, I was able to describe it in an understandable way. If you're unsure about this I can ask a friend from our forum who's very good in technical knowledge and also very good at explaining it to me. I think, I'm good enough in translating this into English.
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